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July 14, 2022

Dermaliq appoints Gordon Dow, PharmD, Michael Kuligowski, MD, PhD, R. Todd Plott, MD and Xavier Yon to its Dermatology Scientific and Medical Advisory Board 

New Scientific and Medical Advisory Board will play a strategic and pivotal role for Dermaliq in its mission to develop next generation dermatological products with unparalleled benefits to patients, prescribers and payers.

Wilmington (DE) USA, July 14, 2022 – Dermaliq Therapeutics, Inc. (Dermaliq), a private biopharmaceutical company with therapeutic focus on dermatology, today announces the formation of a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board composed of internationally recognized experts in dermatology, Gordon Dow (San Francisco, US,), Xavier Yon (Paris, France), Michael Kuligowski, MD, PhD (Chads Ford, US) and R. Todd Plott, MD (Dallas/Fort Worth, US). The Advisory Board is composed of key clinical investigators and industry veterans in the field who support and guide the development of unique topical medications based on our water-free hyliQ technology platform. Mr. Dow has been named Chairman of the Advisory board.

Frank Loescher, PhD, CEO Dermaliq, said, “we are pleased to welcome four highly respected members to our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board as we now advance three programs into the clinic: DLQ01 (Androgenetic Alopecia), DLQ02 (Psoriasis) and DLQ03 (Bacterial Skin and Soft Tissue Infections). The vast clinical and research expertise in dermatology of this group is invaluable for shaping Dermaliq’s current and future product development strategy. The board and the entire team look forward to working closely with them.”

Gordon Dow, PharmD (Chairman) is former CEO, Founder & CTO  of Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences Inc, a dermatology specialty company which developed topical products on a proprietary basis, as well as for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  Dow was acquired by Valeant, now Bausch Health, for US$ 400 million in 2008. Dr. Dow is a recognized expert in topical product formulations and a leading innovator for a number of approved and successful dermatology products.    

Dr. Dow said, “Dermaliq’s hyliQ platform is a step forward in topical formulations and has the potential of being the first real game-changer in dermal delivery since decades.”

Michael Kuligowski, MD, PhD, MBA, is Vice President, Global Product Development, Dermatology at Thermo Fisher. He is an experienced industry dermatologist with 12 years of clinical practice in dermatology, primarily in an academic setting, with strong scientific and clinical background. His pharmaceutical experience spans 25+ years in companies of various sizes In Europe and in North America. Among other successes, Dr. Kuligowski played a key role in the development and approval of the first topical JAK-inhibitor at Incyte where he served as Executive Medical Director, Inflammation & Autoimmunity.

Dr. Kuligowski stated “Better and more effective topical products are needed to serve the needs of patients and practicing physicians. Innovation in the topical space is needed to develop formulations which can provide safe, enhanced drug delivery, especially for substances which are difficult to solubilize and maintain stability. Dermaliq’s novel drug delivery has the promise to address these needs”.

R. Todd Plott, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Chief Medical Officer of Epiphany Dermatology with 30 years of experience in clinical dermatology. Before entering private practice, Dr Plott spent 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing several dermatology drugs widely prescribed by dermatologists, his most notable invention is Solodyn.

“Treatment of dermatology diseases remains unsatisfactory for many patients. Dermaliq’s lead developments in psoriasis and skin infections offer an intriguing proposition if confirmed in the upcoming clinical trials” said Dr. Plott.

Xavier Yon, is former CEO of Galderma and a seasoned healthcare executive with an extensive background in dermatology. Previous roles include executive positions with Pfizer, Solvay, Alcon and most notably as Chief Executive Officer of Galderma for 17 years. During his time at Galderma Mr. Yon built the company from its initial spin out from Alcon to be a world leader in ethical dermatology. Mr. Yon holds a number of active board and advisor roles. He holds a degree in Physics, Chemistry and Biology from Sorbonne University, Paris.

“Dermaliq offers the opportunity to establish a highly attractive product portfolio based on its hyliQ platform, with increased patient compliance and greater patient satisfaction due to the unique platform-related cosmetic properties”, said Mr. Yon.

About Dermaliq:

Dermaliq Therapeutics, Inc. is a private company founded in 2021 through a spin off from Novaliq to reimagine topical dermatology. The Company is incorporated in Wilmington (DE), USA under Delaware law.

Dermaliq’s mission is to develop a new generation of superior topical therapeutics and medical skin care products with greater efficacy and fewer unwanted side effects for millions of patients. The unique “hyliQTM” technology is driving a growing product pipeline in key dermatological indications. The technology offers superior bioavailability, stability and cosmetic acceptability.

Dermaliq secured USD 15 million in a series A round to advance three transformative skin care drug therapies through clinical trials. Key shareholders are Novaliq GmbH, 3E Bioventures Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd.

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